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For our local affiliates

Quick report here – no time to do much, since the boyzos are making their appearance today. 

I have been meaning to put up a note or even a page with some comments for our local visitors (and many of our local friends have already been simply amazing in supporting us with food, shopping, and more – we are astoundingly grateful). Have not been able to do it yet, and suddenly time is in short supply. Our principle concern in this next period of time is going to be maintaining the health of our boys and ourselves – which is a far more complicated matter than usual since they are preemies and their lungs continue to be immature. They also have had the misfortune to be born right in the thick of rsv season. What’s that? Yeah – we had no idea either until we bounced Satchel, Pablo and Levi into the world. Now suddenly it’s the great looming enemy! I found this very good letter on line explaining it, and some of the precautions that we’ll need to take starting now. Our letter – when I get it written – will be very similar, and we plan to follow all of the precautions that the Swire triplet parents did. Please do have a look – especially if you are local and hoping to visit soon (we’re eager to see you, though we will be a little slow at first in welcoming visitors, just as we get set up and establish our routines). 

More fun stuff soon (I hope!)


December 29, 2008 at 12:56 pm 3 comments

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