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A new lullaby for the boys…


This quick update, written from Serbia, where I’ve been away from Al and the gang for over a week now. Mary Bastoni is the first to have answered my call to write a lullaby, and she’s done a brilliant job of it. I can’t tell you what it was like to watch this while being separated from the brothers S by thousands of miles. Have a look and listen!


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Let the exploitation begin

So at long last I can post the premiere of Eating Babies here. I had hoped to do it yesterday, but it literally took me all day and night (including two failed attempts) to post the vid to YouTube. Here it is (w/ a little comment from me on the other side).

A couple words about this piece before you go and call social services. I actually did end up using that other blog post (All for me grog, below) as the program note. But then it occurred to me that the piece could actually benefit from a somewhat more straightforward note, which I offer here and now. Now that the whole piece is done and in the books, so to speak, its programmatic nature is clear to me. It depicts the sensations of a late night/early feeding, from beginning to end. It begins in near chaos, frenetic activity, screaming and gasping every which way, proceeds through calm, regularity, sweetness, and ultimately veers towards delirium as the late night hallucinations set in. The second half of the composition, where the baby sounds are not just present but also processed, represents the inner workings and non-workings of my mind during one of those somnabulent episodes of service.

Those of you who track my comings and goings on Facebook will note that I was able to post a somewhat longer version of the video there. This one clocks in at exactly 10:01, and how I got away with that extra second I’ll never know.

April 22, 2009 at 5:11 am 7 comments

all for me grog

I choose these evening moments, when all the fizzing, kinetic molecules of thought from my brain lay dying on the keyboard, computer OR piano, and the soft breath of my wife next door, and of the three angelic cherubs two doors down, begins to have more sway over me than the promise of earthly accomplishment. I choose them to write to you, I would have said, had not that first sentence veered off course and become ludicrously entangled with itself. 

Gosh. This blog post is going more or less the way this piece I’m composing is – and that is to say, it’s a jumble. I am writing a piece called Eating Babies, using the sounds I recorded late night on January 20, 2009 – a somewhat historic occasion. It’s for trumpet and piano and those sounds, and the amazing thing to me in this process (aside from the very strange way my frazzled brain connects musical matter of late, only hoping that my unconscious, or God even, is seeing to it that this mess of notes and squawks makes any sense at all) is how nostalgic the sounds have become. Do you remember, dear readers, the days of the 8:30, 11:30, 2:30 and 5:30 feeds? In that same span nowadays we have either zero or one feeding, and it is a subdued affair – on the bed, or in the room, in the dark, no talking, an act to preserve the remaining threads of “night sleep” which, once gone, can never be retrieved. I remember those other feedings, magical and mad, with nostalgia and warmth though, not fear, not confusion. Those dead-of-night minutes and hours when all the world lies sleeping except you and the Circus, and you’re juggling bottles and boppies and babies, burping here, pooping there, straining and spitting, singing and swallowing. It is that very lunacy – the pure, outrageous joy of it, as well as the fog-of-war aspect, that I hope to be capturing in this piece that I can only ever begin working on at 10pm or later. 

And hey…I think I’ve just written the program note.

March 29, 2009 at 11:38 pm 4 comments

Apropos of everything…

Our friends (and idols) in Triiibe – the most kickin’ set of identical triplet performance artists you’ll ever know – made this little video back in October. Talk about being just slightly ahead of their time! If our boys can put there tripletdom to similar good use, we’ll be most proud indeed!

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speaking of a lullabies, a commission of sorts

Hi everyone. It occurred to me reading over the comments from my last post that I may not be properly, or at least completely, utilizing this forum. I mean after all, I’m the guy who just had triplets, why do I have to do all the work? Some of my favorite musicians in the world are frequent visitors and commenters at this site. I would LOVE it if YOU would write and perform a lullaby for our boys. Seriously – mine’s just as likely to rile them up as to send them to sleep, and what’s more, three boys deserve more than just one lousy lullaby. 

So here’s my request/challenge/commission for those of you musically oriented folk. 

  • Write a lullaby for the boys (you don’t have to mention them, and if you have kids, you can tell your kids that you wrote it for THEM, ‘k?)
  • The lullaby need not have words or a vocal part (but if that’s what you do it is encouraged)
  • It does need to be new.
  • Perform the lullaby (or have someone else perform it if that’s NOT what you do) on a YouTube video – low tech is FINE!
  • Send me the link

And for this service, what can I offer in payment? Not so much. But I CAN embed your video here, where in addition to reaching a bunch of fine folks, it will become a permanent part of this special little record of the boys’ early days (which will hopefully exist long enough in some form for them to become conscious of it).

So what say you, musicisti? Hook us up and we and our clan will be eternally grateful. Draw inspiration from our funny little photos here – or from your own funny little people. Think of it as paying your way for the joy you sometimes reap from this here site (though of course, no payment is required!)

Will anyone rise to the challenge? Hard to say. I do hope so, though.

January 16, 2009 at 11:12 pm 7 comments

Moving right along

Just another tricky day

Just another tricky day


Papa, Mama, and Meema are all working hard!

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And now for something completely different…

The boys are three weeks old today! I wrote a song. No really, I did. But that just isn’t done, you say. Oh no? [and, you might add, what business do you have writing songs when your blog has sat unupdated for nearly two days? Priorities man, get it together!]

December 14, 2008 at 2:38 pm 13 comments

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