AFPOT Volume 2 Part 4

June 28, 2011 at 11:12 pm Leave a comment

Me again. I’m mad busy and shouldn’t be doing this. No idea when we can meet again. But here we be…

I givest thou…Satch.

(he doesn’t look like ET here, does he? That’s not my intent)

13. At some point you may conclude that any kind of long distance traveling w/ triplets is hopeless. It is doable, but exacts such a cost in exhaustion and achyness that it becomes ideal to invite visitors to come to you instead.

Honestly, you shouldn’t go anywhere. Fashion seatbelts on your couch, strap them in, get an intravenous tequila drip going, and just sit and pray for like, I dunno, FIVE years to just pass? No no no…just kidding. Really. Traveling is like anything else in YOUR life, o triplet-besotted progenitor, HARD. Waking up is hard. Getting to the back yard? Hard. Oh it used to be, in like, May, I would just open the door and say shoo! shoo! Out in their pull-ups would march my confederate army, but in about three days they had, between them, 137 mosquito bites. I counted. No, I didn’t really count…you think I have time to do that? But there were a lot, so that avenue of pleasure was crossed off, and even unfurling the maestros of mayhem on my own land became a lot of work, so I opted to just strap them in for TV, 24/7. No, kidding. I swear. My kids have never seen TV. TV? Dis. Gusting. I won’t have it. (that was me until about 16 mos., when I learn to capitulate and worship the boobulous tube as my personal lord and savior). Just kidding. What was the question again? Does that joke get old at some point?

14. If you ARE exclusively giving your babies breast milk for any length of time, pumping and bottle feeding enable dads to participate in the process. Moms need to be able to sleep or get out of the house once in a while.

Yes. I’m glad I participated in the process. Particularly those days when I was up at like sixty-o’clock, with 24 8 oz. bottles filled with a 63-37% combination of breast milk and shaken-not-stirred formula. At that moment, it was the process that mattered.

15. When searching out a pediatrician, be sure to find an office who is willing to accommodate three babies at once, and be sure that you like the nursing staff, and that they return calls promptly. You will be calling the doctor two to three times as often as singleton parents.

It DOES slow down. We hardly ever go any more. But it’s still good that we like the office, and, I have to say, even with their multiple-friendly scheduling tendencies, I find myself booking their physicals about a year in advance. “What are YOU doing in February 2012…say the 25th?” “Good GOD! How do I know? No, no, it’s good. 9am? Okay, we’re on. Write it down? No worries…it’s all…right…HERE [taps on noggin].”

Sorry, I’m ornery tonight. Is that the right word? Maybe fuddled? I promise to show up again some time soonish. x


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AFPOT volume 2, part 3

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