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August Photo dump part 2

Okay – here’s more…but they’re  coming in faster than I can keep up…will try to get up to speed. And one day I may say a word or two. But for the past six months or so I’ve just been toooooo tired!

Satch rides Jalen’s Thomas train – the latter boy just turned two!

At long last the boys met their predecessors, the Yarmus triplets! Sam, Charlie and Henry, and especially their folks Hilary and Lonny, were super-instrumental in guiding us towards proper clone stewardship.

Here’s the aforementioned Hilary, along with mama and ze clönz

Sorry – this is actually kinda old (not sure how old…long story). but kinda irresistible too (the non-Satch boy is Levi)

Here are the boys, along with the Fernald twins, enjoying a free kids’ concert presented by the Portland Chamber Music Festival

Someone got to check out the stage after the show!

That’s a small one. Coming soon, TONS of photos from our week in Camden, thanks to Grampa Bob  the photographer!


August 18, 2010 at 5:46 pm 2 comments

mid august photo dump pt. 1

been lots of photogenic-type moments. but I can’t find the good camera at the moment, so it’s all iphone and blech quality (as Oscar the Grouch says, “where’s my Blechberry?”). Here’s a first installment, many more formatted and ready to load…coming soon!

Hai-Ting walking the walk with Satch up top and Pablo walking with

Matt and an attentive audience for Hands are Not for Hitting

3 boys 2 girls…5/6 of the Brady Bunch reunion

Levi and Charlotte forevz

Fun on LIttle Sebago Lake. That’s Yory, Serena and Sylvie in the distance

Sylvie supervising Pablo and Levi

mama and her boys

Pablo at work by the lake

Baby you can drive my car

meema feeds the boids

Levi after a hard day’s work

where’d you say those drinks were at?

August 16, 2010 at 8:16 am 3 comments

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