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February 1, 2010 at 10:48 pm 1 comment

I try not to get addicted to blog stats, but when I’m undertaking a two week Facebook hiatus what else is there to do, really? It’s gratifying to reach 50,000 hits. Big Al and I have appreciated the support of all you blog readers – especially the silent majority, who utter nary a squeak but greet me knowing odd facts about my comings and goings and Pablo’s latest derring do.

I am, as you will have discovered, somewhat fitful in my blogging. A few days ago I heard an NPR reporter giving advice to the Pope for his new blog (PopeDope.wordpress.com…jes kidding), and the two central items were 1) blog every day and 2) lots of hyperlinks. Oh, and 3) get linked to on Huff Post. Not being pope material myself, it’s the best I can do to occasionally venture forth into the sordid and varied world of triplet bloggers, poke my head into the fray and wiggle a little bit. Being a triplet dad in your hometown is special, borderline unique, but in cyberspace it’s Joe Smith, you know? The internet is lousy with triplet moms and dads, all so eloquent, all with cutespawn aplenty. It’s a jungle out there. Sometimes I wonder how I keep from going under.

But enough self reflexivity for the moment. The above idyllic little moment, parallel play a quatre, was captured late this afternoon, when Courtney and Jalen came for a visit, and Jen took a moment to sip some tea. It was casual Monday. Pabs had a bleach stain on the butt of his sweats, and Satch looked just like Eminem. Levi was veritably proper, in comparsion. Meema (not pictured) is visiting and treated us to some Indian food after the boys snored off and Big Al returned home from teaching Advanced Drawing. We made a fire, and now just Al and I, and the dying embers, oh, and that exquisite ball of fluff Judy Johnson, are gently losing our grip on what’s left of today. Tomorrow always comes, mostly quicker than you think.


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Advice for parents of triplets, vol. 1 All I’ve got’s a photograph

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  • 1. Nina  |  February 2, 2010 at 10:34 pm

    This is terrific. Satch *does* look like Eminem! This is payback for your rhyming rhythmic ways, no doubt.

    I love the picture, which lets us imagine ourselves on the near side of the music table, about to slide that frog trombone right into the midst of all that fun.



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