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It’s only funny until someone turns into a vampire. The wild eyed boy advances, pawing gingerly, then suddenly rough housing, toppling his sleepsack-clad brethren and then rolling as one with them in the crib, the laughter bordering hysteria; and then without warning the nuzzling of the head, expansion of the jaw, quick, sharp, ecstatic CHOMP, followed by the misery-laden yowls of brothers A and C. Today at a conference I learned that young children, younger than two, have the capacity to understand very complex grammatical formulations. And yet, when we say Pabs, don’t suck the blood of the brothers from whom you may one day choose to seek advice, protection or sympathy, he doesn’t so much as slow his drooling descent.

The vampyric phase is fleeting, please say it is. No amount of discipline thus far has quenched Pablito’s plasmic urges, so we are hopeful that Father Time may deliver us from this rather prickly developmental segment. Or maybe we should [insert your brilliant advice here]…


February 26, 2010 at 11:36 pm 3 comments

Connecticut redux

Satch and friends had a chance to visit great grandma Ruth today.

Later, it was Leo at the helm, and the usually feisty Pabster in the bucket. (yes – he’s wearing Levi’s green)

Out of goldfish already??

Not quite kissing cousins…Pablo and Margot

Satch and the most loyal of friends, Nelson the Admiral.

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Connecticut Yankees

Obstinate is the word for today. A north going Satchel encountered a south going Pablo, and there they stand to this very day.

Gram was just chilling with Levi, who was letting the elements take care of his hair after a bath.

Everyone’s favorite bath time poser found a smile in his satchel

Ever get the feeling the inmates are running the joint?

break time for the hardest working tandem in show business.

Hmm…some little folks play a role in all the breaks. Here’s Zayde with a tang.

February 19, 2010 at 7:48 am 2 comments

Southern men

We headed south for a few days – oddly into MORE snow and equally cold temps, but whatevshk – and managed for an hour to have a pleasant reunion with the other half of the Brady Bunch and the family matriarchs (Meema towards the left, Omi towards the right, and Munio – a departed patriarch, looking on statuesquely). The ride was uneventful outside of one auto-induced, that is to say, automobile-induced yak.

The quadruplets (Charlotte = honorary di-zygote, or whatever technical term you prefer) found no shortage of entertainment chez Omi. The woman’s got taste, they said.

Aunt Nina having a chance to grapple with the maelstrom of mischief himself. She handles those twenty-odd pounds of pure Pablo as if it was nuthin’.

Pablo (l) and Levi (r), carrying on the decades-old tradition of rifling through Omi’s endlessly fascinating library.

And then there’s the before (c. 1973)…

and the after… (c. 2010)

February 18, 2010 at 10:08 am 5 comments

new subwoofer is in da house!

check it

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The boys like a game of Curtain! almost as much as their all time favorite game, Outlet!

February 16, 2010 at 10:41 am 2 comments

no love lost

We are in recovery mode here at casa del Shnootre, though it yields only bit by bit. We’re up again, down again. We have moments of chipperness, and moments of – oh look, there’s no other way to say it – yak. I thought I was done with the gripe, but today I feel uneasy, and I don’t wish to consume anything but gatorade, pretzel sticks, and some leftover Valentine’s Day cake (which isn’t helping anyone, but you couldn’t resist this one either).

Above you can see the musketeers with matching Valentines from grandma and grandpa – gifts that gave these small hamsters unmitigated joy. They are at the paper age, I suppose, and all paper products – most particularly crinkly newspaper – hold unending fascination. They also all end up eaten eventually, so some adult supervision and intervention is at times warranted. But seeing these three old souls tear into the Sunday Times with abandon, voraciously consuming each section, well it’s like being on the Upper West Side all over again. Three little Jewish men and their newspapers – all that’s needed is some herring and some legit pumpernickel bagels. Warms the cockles of my heart, to say the truth.

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