D day approacheth

January 11, 2010 at 9:57 pm 1 comment

Here is Zeda with Satch at the piano, and Gram with the other two tricksters. They’ve driven up the coast from their New England to ours to give a little help, and then leave with the foundation of our home. We hardened northern men will prevail, though, even if it won’t be what you’d call pretty.

Earlier tonight, Zeda observed the boys climbing on their Radio Star toy tricycle, and made the following sage comment: “At some point, maybe at 18 months, 24?, two of these boys are going to realize that they if they pool their efforts together, they can accomplish something that no one of them can do by himself. When that happens, you’re in trouble.” (I took this as my cue to plunk out a little Thus Spoke Tharathustra on the piano, and we giggled at the notion of our own housebound monkeys having their 2001 moment in the all-too-near future.)

What we didn’t realize was that Satchel was not just idly playing with the trike. He had a mission. His small brain was computing and calculating, determining just how to utilize the machine as a walker and hike, gingerly, across the room. He then did this – numerous times in fact. And the accomplishment must be recognized as all the more significant because of the particular brand of “help” his eager (and perhaps slightly envious) brothers were on hand to offer.

Earlier in the day, mom shared some quality time alone with the boys. If you think she’s not bent into a pretzel inside over leaving the little men for 72+ hours, think again. She has never been away for more than a day, and this isn’t coming easy – and not just because she thinks I have a better than 50-50 chance to burn the house down before she returns. For our part – we to be left behind – we just don’t know what to expect. This enterprise of ours doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense without its CEO on premises. Like any second-tier official worth his weight in salt, I fancy I can run the concern just as sweetly as the top brass, just give me a chance. But between my fantastic imaginings and the cold hard truth lies an awful stretch of highway, and in sooth I know not what vision of glory or horror will greet my beloved Big Mama when her southerly travels are at an end.

No time like the future!


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Fear Factor Half a day in the bank

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  • 1. eden  |  January 13, 2010 at 2:06 pm

    So glad to see Satch putting that trike to good use!


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