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If I’m to post at all, it will have to be free-writing. Beat-like, as if I’ve been spending my summer reading Ginsberg and sipping suds in St. Germain de Pres. It’s been nothing like that though. Instead I’ve been writing book reviews, participating in a writing seminar (I now know what a polysyndeton is and plan to use one in this blog presently), finishing up a wind quintet that turned out to be an elegy for my recently departed great Aunt Alice, and fertilizing the young minds and tummies of those three wee lads whose photos you seek out in this space. We will finish reading Charlotte’s Web to them tomorrow night (I promised Jen we’d wait till she came back to read the very end, but the arachnid has already kicked it and we grown-ups bawled our eyes out on Friday…or was it only me?), so they’ve been getting Mark Twain all weekend (with occasional support from Goodnight Moon and the far superior Runaway Bunny). 

Enough about me. But wait – it’s father’s day! Or it was until about 52 minutes ago. I woke up late this morning and my boys had already pooped, dressed, eaten, and cooked me an omelette. It was surprising, to say the least. Then the day unfolded as a series of private, fatherly ventures with my boys, singletons each for this day only. I drove Pablo into town and Bjorned him into a local book store where I gifted myself with Larry Tye’s new Satchel Paige biography (Pablo was supportive of the gesture) and Richard Russo’s Straight Man (about an academic who’s an anarchist at heart, sound familiar?). 

Later, I walked, with Levi strapped tightly to my person, into town where I rented a couple of bad baseball movies and bought two milkshakes, one for me, one for the rugrat. The kid’s got a huge heart though, and insisted that his mama, who was locked behind the scenes keeping this day running smoothly, should have the vessel-clogging nectar in his place. My knees are still aching from the lengthy roundtrip constitutional (look at my knees!!) 

Closer to bedtime, Satchmo, that lithesome ball of earnestness and yellow, took me to the supermarket. I shopped and shopped, and though his Shortness was denied the proper allotment of time for his supper, he offered not a whimper. At the checkout line one of the assistants kindly asked if I needed help out to the car. I refused it, resisting the urge to shout out “you think THIS is difficult???”

I am out of steam, friends. Can’t even format some of the fine photos I’ve got clogging up my laptop. Alex and I watched some of the bad baseball movie (Major League, it has NOT aged well), and then she slept and I formatted wind parts for A4 paper. Now that this little business of wind music is dispensed with, I trust I’ll find extra time to spend with you, loyal readers of Sax and Sons.  

I hope you all had a happy father’s day.


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