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More and more photos. We had our dear friends Ellie and Anton over today (the first, my long-time mentor and dissertation advisor, the second, my arch nemesis in fantasy baseball (but as sweet an arch nemesis as you could hope to stumble upon)). Together they virtually run all higher musical education in New York City, so we were thrilled they could stop in and bounce our boys around a bit!

Ellie, Anton and the boys

Ellie, Anton and the boys

Wow – the five of them look REALLY good together! We better get a family photo with US in there too, before someone gets the wrong idea…

We fed babies and chatted, and then had some food and set out a-walking. Ellie and Anton had a concert to catch, and Alex and I were craving adventure. 

now I DRIVE the school bus!

now I DRIVE the school bus!

We let Anton take the wheel and he was off and running (blowing red lights, causing pile-ups, a beautiful thing). 

After we parted ways, Alex and I set up shop in Lincoln Park, which apparently has something of a past, but in the present it is quiet and sunny and mostly empty. We managed to capture Pablo in a thoughtful moment:



Since we had already violated every rule of our daily schedule (not really – it’s just that the boys had a lot of mini naps-on-wheels today. Apparently it didn’t wreck them as they’re sleeping soundly tonight) we figured let’s go get ice cream (not pictured)and then hit an art gallery!

We surprised our friends the Whitneys (purveyors of fine art). 

everybody's got one

everybody's got one

And the boys got a smidgeon of culture (of which, you can imagine, they are hopelessly deprived at home). 

Deb and Levi 6-6-09

Deb and Levi

 We always hoped our kid would come out just like Nell (we’re not entirely on course – but at least they’ve finally met!)

Nell and Pabs

Nell and Pabs

Finally, we took a looong walk along the water and up the hill into our neighborhood, where we found Jen and Jalen (Jen’s grandson – hi Courtney!) chilling in the harbor-side playground. Alex and I took turns experimenting with singleton handling: 

Alex and Jalen

Alex and Jalen

my turn

my turn

Our boys were mostly snoozing during this pleasant visit, but the dinner bells in their brains went off soon afterwards, and we were homeward bound. A long, exhausting, lovely day.


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