Early June Visitors

June 5, 2009 at 7:37 am 1 comment

I’ll start with just a short tale. At 5 today young Satch got up on his soap box and began to preach. He spoke in long, drawn out and slightly feline phrases, mellifluous if atonally so, his voice resonating through the halls of our second story flat. Aroused from my slumber, I stumbled in to adjust the young lad and found him rotated about 170 degrees, with his small fuzzy head pressed gently against the wooden bars at the end of the crib. His escape attempt having gone so horribly awry, it seems, he felt the need to pontificate to his captive audience, and by the time his lumbering father arrived on the scene a hungry and angry mob was forming. I patted heads, promised cigarettes (I lied), inserted binkies, turned on the noisy lamb, and walked back to my warm and waiting bed. Moments after I was neatly repaired to my rightful spot in this world, the ruckus began anew. And then, in the midst of that crescendo of caterwauling, a small – even smaller – voice emerged, like young Jo-Jo in Horton Hears a Who, and said, simply and firmly: meow. Big A and I looked at each other and understood silently, as only married couples can, that this was the funniest moment yet experienced in our young lives. And that, my friends, is my tale. 

Now I’ll regale you with pictures!

in from the left coast - Grandpa Bob and Grandma Barbara

in from the left coast - Grandpa Bob and Grandma Barbara

They make it look easy, don’t they? Mom and Pop are outside the frame fighting over who gets to bottle feed the little yellow man. (No, not really). 

Our triplet gurus came to visit

Our triplet gurus came to visit

These boys owe more than they could possibly imagine to Hilary and Lonny Yarmus. When big Al was still preggers, she had the good fortune to connect with Hilary, who had gone through the same exact thing one year earlier, and had it figured out. Hilary and Lonny helped us with diet, getting the right books, keeping Alex hydrated and off her feet. They visited us in the hospital (where Lonny just so happened to work), and have given us pointers at every step along the way. Just about everything that has gone right for us on this ride – and that’s a LOT – we owe to them. 

the brother from another planet

the brother from another planet

Levi and William Julius Johnson (Judy to his friends), having a little tete-a-tete. 

serious play

serious play

This boy has his eyes on the prize, orange cap or no. 

them's fightin' woids!

them's fightin' woids!

Pablo can try to look tough…but at heart he’s just a teddy bear, and everyone knows it. 

shake your booty!

shake your booty!

Another of papa’s brilliant photo shoot ideas.


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Late May visitors Report: little men gaining in popularity

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  • 1. Squidocto  |  June 9, 2009 at 7:36 pm

    Ah, so great! Keep ’em coming!

    (can they come to Serbia with us?)


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