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green is the color

green is the color

Alex was feeling a bit under the weather this morning, so when the 6AM peeping began, I stealthily crept out of the bedroom and launched, macho-man like, into action. There is a certain Fear Factoresque thrill at doing the morning feeding solo, and I felt up to the challenge today. So I diapered, transported, warmed, fed, rolled (news alert: Satch rolled over by himself!) and then got the boys into their new home away from home, the feeding troth…er…table. No-one was looking, so I thought this would be the golden opportunity for…Guacamole!!! All dads love guacamole. It makes us think of the super bowl. So I’m in there chopping up onions and cilantro, crushing garlic, shaking tequila. No, not really.  The boys are purists, and I knew they’d settle for nothing less than the simplest, ripest, most wholesome smashed up avocado money could buy. If you want a more complex recipe though, and a singing history of the green goodness, you will find none better than here.

Meanwhile, I smashed and mashed until I had a semi-liquid salsa verde, and then attempted to enlighten my sons about the joys of Mexican cuisine. What I wonder is this: when did these boys learn the “what the @#$% is this” face? Someone snuck in taught them I suppose, because they have it DOWN. I was bouncing from boy to boy with my little pink spoon, inserting little verdant globules into one as similar globules emerged – in streams or as missiles – from the other two, all six of their imploring eyes beseeching me, “father, why is this morning different from all other mornings? On all other mornings we have gruel with fruit in it, but on this morning we have ONLY fruit, and that fruit happens to be a great big alligator pear mashed into a distasteful mucilaginous mush.” And of course at this stage I was tempted to grab the tortilla chips and Coronas and show these boys – they’ve got to learn some time – what’s what. But instead I capitulated and whipped up a batch of infant oatmeal, stirred in the Guac until I had what looked like the pale green sauce you’d find covering your shrimp at an expensive West Village Mexican joint, and commenced to administer this horror to my quickly deteriorating offspring. At this happy moment my beloved wife, roused from her own mucilaginous slumber, arrived to restore order. Oh the sun did not shine, it was too wet to play, and she found me in there on this cold, cold wet day, green as the day I was born. Al played Little Cat Z to my Cat in the Hat, and before long the boys had their faces washed, gums scrubbed, tempers soothed, and were dispatched with haste to their dreamy counterlife. It’s a bit of blur now, if you want to know the truth. But I still maintain we’re all the better for it.


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  • 1. Barbara Rothenberg  |  June 3, 2009 at 8:36 pm

    Would that I could visit , hug the gang and have some of that
    mushy (I cant spell the other word !) green stuff you create!

    xxxBarbara R.


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