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Your turn may come

But for the next few years, while they’re young and impressionable, I get first crack at em. Read it and weep. 

Introducing the 2029 Yankee outfield

Introducing the 2029 Yankee outfield

 p.s. can you tell who’s who? Alex was playing games w/ the color scheme, so it’s not gonna help you much.


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Elvis is in the building

Baby A is safely ensconced in his swaddle, back in the loving company of his brothers and parents. Meanwhile last night, papa and babies B and C threw a party, and were up deep into the morning collecting beer cans, snickers wrappers, wasted bottles, and some pretty foully marked disposable diapers. If mama even had the slightest hint of the mayhem that reigned in her household last night as she was standing guard over the little prince, there’d be bleep to pay. Now we are home, we are tired, settling once again into the normal rhythms of identical triplet domesticity. You ought to try it some time.

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Do that to me one more time

And another thing...

And another thing...

Satch is OUT, and back up on the sixth floor, where he’s dazzling the nursing staff with equal parts intolerable cuteness and unequalled loudness. Satch, when he’s so inclined, brings the ruckus. Oddly, at the moment I hear a baby in the next room who has a somewhat similar, feline cry to the Golden Banana. I wonder if they’ll be friends (at least I hope there’ll be no cat fight). Photo aside, the boy is swaddled up and sleeping sweetly, dreaming of  a funny world where everyone his size looks just like him, and people are only distinguished from one another by the colored pom poms on their heads. Kids dream up the craziest things.

February 23, 2009 at 5:12 pm 5 comments

quick update

Hi all, 

I have neither cell phone or facebook capability here – please remember! Satch is out of surgery and all went well. I haven’t been in to see him yet, but I should be in any minute. He did have to be intubated (which has been the case for each of the boys’ surgeries) so I’m hoping that he doesn’t have more than the residual throat scratchiness (after his first surgery this lasted a LONG time), but all in all things are looking up for the yellow soldier. 

More when I can, including the traditional post-op photo. 


February 23, 2009 at 2:08 pm 2 comments

Mellow Yellow

contemplative soul

contemplative soul

 You may look at that face, friends, and wonder how it doesn’t break our hearts each and every time we set our gaze upon it. And in point of fact, it does. I am here now, in the small consultation room adjacent to the over-stuffed waiting room of Day Surgery, our home away from home. I fight each time for the private digs on account of our boys are preemies and prone to infection and rsv and whatnot. They don’t put up a fight, but just usher me into the first class lounge, where I have lamps, a phone, nice carpeting, and – you guessed it – wifi. Big Al is home with the other brothers, keeping the house and herself together by sheer force of will as her smallest boy fights his way through another round of waiting, anesthesia, scalpels and sutures, pedia-lite, and a visit to the sixth floor and one last round of graham crackers and peanut butter (just when I think I’m out…they pull me back in!) At some point today we’ll trade places, a nifty trick, and in all likelihood it’s Al’s turn to spend a cozy night bedside in the infant ward, making sure our boy gets every last bit of attention and special care he’s got coming to him. 

So I’m sitting with Satch, who’s awake and somewhat hungry, and I look down to discover that his binkie has tumbled out of his mouth and been replaced, quite happily, by a moist and pliant digit. This boy, for the time being, was all thumb, a joy to behold. I was even able to capture the moment. 

there's a sucker born...

Although we’ve been down this path again and again, it is somehow more difficult with ole Satch. He remains our smallest, and the one who is most apt to be stunned or startled by the world’s vicissitudes. His face bespeaks an outsized sensitivity, alongside artistic wonderment, and we send him into battle with an extra dose of trepidation. In his corner will be the good Dr. H., who filled in so admirably for the now-retired Big Bird so many weeks ago, and whose boyish good looks and dapper style might give another parent pause if he hadn’t so remarkably shown his mettle in prior combat. We have faith in the good doctor – especially since he already knows his way around the little man, and has also been baptized in Satch’s holy yellow water.

Today promises to be mostly uneventful, and you can count on me to report back. Just say a little prayer for the little yellow man, and hope for the boringest of updates from yours truly.

February 23, 2009 at 11:07 am 4 comments

a walk on the wild side

Hi everyone, I just don’t know what’s gotten into me. Fear of returning to my job, perhaps (paternity leave ends next week!)

Quick update, and then I’ll try to bribe you with photos. Satch is going in to get sliced and diced tomorrow. He’s taking it calmly, almost as if he doesn’t know what’s afoot. His brothers have his back though, and have even offered the occasional golden fountain of protest (Doh!! straight in the chest…again). 

Today we finally did it – got the boys in the stroller, and took them for a bona fide walk out in the real world (this in advance of yet another snow storm). 

Photographic evidence follows (you see I’ve found the battery charger). 

getting rolling

getting rolling

mama takes the wheel

mama takes the wheel

clean getaway

clean getaway

who was that masked man?

who was that masked man?

it's cozy in here!

it's cozy in here!

February 22, 2009 at 8:15 pm 6 comments

The kids are all right

Hi everyone, 

I apologize for the silence – some real life has intervened (nothing bad) but I’m fixing to be back in the saddle. Most importantly, our boys continue to thrive. I’ve misplaced the battery charger for the camera, so I have to dig a bit before I can support the claim with photographic evidence, but that will happen soon (and I’ll make sure the boys all have good clean shaves for the shoot). 

Today Al, Jen and I packed all three boyz into the Vanimal and happily drove off to our favorite spot, the pediatric surgery ward. The Satch, Pabs and Leviticus are well known in those quarters, but today was their first appearance together. The three in one place at the same time immediately become rock stars, and we inevitably get the sage observations “you’ve got your hands full” and “I thought one was hard!”

We were heading into the surgery shop to see what was on weekly special. Our boys have been sliced and diced in numerous ways, but we can never resist a good bargain, and when Dr. H. peeled off good Satch’s sleeper, took a volley of pee straight on his attractive green sweater, and then surveyed the terrain of his own prior handiwork, his pronouncement was clear: “just for you, and today only, a reducible left-side hernia. No incarceration, no sneaky appendix hidden within. It’s a clean job, but this offer won’t last long.” We raced down to Debbie and scheduled the butchery for Monday, amazed at our good luck that in the near-incessant volley of cutting and stitching to which our brood have been subjected there still remained one unsliced section of groin. You can of course imagine the kind of preferred treatment we – regulars that we are – receive in this office. They bring us coffee, sweets, they compliment our outfits, our boys. We leave feeling like the million bucks we’ve helped those good doctors and nurses earn. They see our boys as genuine Frankensteinian testament to their product inventory, and may only have been half-kidding when they asked if they could buy advertising space on their semi-bald heads. 

Anyway, that’s the latest here. Satch goes back for round two on Monday. He’s an old pro – we just have to keep him for driving the nurses nuts with his flirting. Meanwhile the others among us are settled in for what they say is gonna be quite the snow storm. Hooray parking ban – the Vanimal and I have some quality time together in our future.

February 18, 2009 at 4:07 pm 2 comments

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