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Levi’s moment

Levi post-op

Levi post-op

 Levi’s out, and the surgery was a success. The hernia was, in fact, incarcerated on one side, meaning it was a bit more complicated than they had expected, but all is well. But, sad to say, you can never go back. We did not head back to CCN – apparently once you are discharged from that golden paradise there is no turning back. So we are in the significantly inferior pediatric ward, where the nurses are kind but the facilities uninspiring, and we are eager to spring our lad as quickly as we can. It’s probably just as well. When I set foot in the CCN earlier today I made a decision that it had been, in fact, a mistake to leave, and I was going to move our entire family back in there. I’m not sure how the other members of said family might have taken the news, and so it is better we don’t cross that bridge. 

I’m temporarily home checking on the other two, who are being well cared for by Jen and Jane, and then I’m back to the hospital. There will be lots of back and forthing today. I threw a bit of a fit at the hospital, by the way. I blathered on about rsv and how my boy couldn’t just be left out in the open. I became, momentarily, that awful parent who loses perspective in defending the interests of his own. But that’s the way it has to be sometimes, I think, with these littler-than-average ones. I scored for Levi some private digs, where he can conduct business meetings and have an eye upon the great city that is already so much happier at word of his impending recovery. 

More some time. Thanks for tuning in!


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seems like old times again…

I am up here at CCN (Continuing Care Nursery) of all places! Looks like we may be able squeak Levi back in here when the surgery is done (it’s happening now). This is a tremendously good thing, as this part of the hospital is shiny and new and as stunning as always, and the other part – which we’re just getting a taste of today – is, shall we say, a whole nother story. Everybody knows us up here, even people I swear I’ve never seen before in my life. Everyone says “how are the babies!?” And then there are the nurses and doctors we knew so well over all those weeks here, and they are all eager to have another crack at one of our lot.

There are no computers in that other place, so not sure when I can post again. I am a dodo, and should have lugged the machine after all. There’s nothing to do in the other waiting room but drink free coffee and read two-month-old Newsweeks. And wait anxiously for the double hernia champ to emerge victoriously from the bowels of the clink. I will post an update some time.

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off to the clink

Quick note – we’re off. Levi’s surgery is at 8:40. The boys are zero today. Yippie. Reports if I can from the big house, but I’m not dragging the machine with me.

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Please try to understand

Mike K says the boys will discuss this in therapy one day...

Mike K says the boys will discuss this in therapy one day...

I did it. I’ve been thinking of doing it and talking about doing, and finally, I just did it. I recorded the boys’ 11:30 feeding last night. Set up my computer, microphones, audio interface. Threw a mic on the changing table, one over the crib. Then, when the diapering was done, I moved the mics to stereo positioning  – something like what you see here – and commenced the feed. I know you think I’m crazy but that’s what I like to do. My plan is to do various things with this recording – parse it, put it into some artsy fartsy electro-acoustic composition that documents this odd period of life – and also just keep it and listen to it sometime later on, remembering the sweetness and the urgency of all their little gasps and grunts and squawks. You can hear 10 seconds of my inauguration night here, complete with some cheap reverb.


Levi update: We met with the surgeon today, and surgery is set for Friday around noon. That is, coincidentally, the due date for all of the boys. He’ll be back in the clink for one night only, so buy your tickets now. Hopefully the syndicate turns him loose the next morning. It is routine surgery, but surgery all the same. Just another day at Hernias ‘r’ Us.

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Eventful day

1-2-3 Go!

1-2-3 Go!

I am writing to you from a horizontal position, and may not even have the gas to make it through this post (you’d think I could borrow some from one or two of my sons!) We started early today arranging this photo op – featuring sweater vests hand knit especially for the boys by a trio of wonderful ladies in the big city. We then geared up for the TV festivities, moving our dog and pony show into the living room, firing up the boob tube, heating up the bottles (which could also, I suppose, be called boob tubes), assuming leisurely positions charged with expectation. We tuned into CSPAN so just this once we could be free of the endless incessant blather, and it was really a beautiful relief. When nothing was happening, we heard the sound of nothing, or the low murmur of the enormous crowd, or the squeaking, slurping, burping and farting of our little ones, who on this day were able to feast on incandescent harbingers of happy days ahead with their glistening, unknowing eyes. 

We were all moved, of course, as our new young president painted the brightness of the moment against the darkness of the context, ushering in an era of responsibility, of cooperation, of competence and values we hold dear, most especially equal opportunity for all.  We are certainly glad our boys will be learning to crawl, walk, speak and sing during his presidency. It is just a thrilling time to be a new parent. 

Our afternoon grew more complicated. Levi’s been fussy, and hasn’t been eating so well. He also didn’t look quite right, so we called the pediatrician, who said sounds like an ultrasound is indicated, head to the Emergency Room. So Alex took him down, and hours and hours went by. Turns out there may have been some justification for his piercing screams after all. Like his brother once did, Levi’s got a hernia. Bilateral, though happily not “strangulated” (as Satch’s was). He’s due for a return consultation tomorrow, and likely surgical repair on Friday. Apparently this is normal for preemies and newborns, and nobody (except, of course, US!) is overly concerned. Routine. And perhaps Levi’s been laboring with this for a long time, falsely leading us to believe he was on the path to colic. 

So, we wrap up another day. Levi’s back home and doing well for the moment, and on some level he’s got to be comforted – just as poor Teddy Kennedy must be, after also having chosen an inopportune day for a hospital visit – by the happy winds of Obamadom.

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Everybody got a bath today – and we had help from Jen, our friend and nanny extraordinaire, and Ronda. But papa and Ronda were working behind the scenes, so don’t share in the glory…

Alex and Satch

Alex and Satch

Jen and Pablo
Jen and Pablo
Jen and Levi

Jen and Levi

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mama’s house

a little shuteye for the gang

a little shuteye for the gang

pleased to meet you aunty Charlotte!

pleased to meet you - hope you guessed my name (it's Charlotte!)

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