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Golden arches

So it turns out that Levi is the most prone of the brothers to diaper rash. We do what we can – including changing his diaper at least ten times a day – but every so often he develops a nasty redness in the worst of places, and today was one of those times. Educated parents that we are, we opted to “air him out” a little bit. You know, let him fly free and easy in the breeze, with his bum exposed to the elements (such as they be within our walls). How exactly to do this was a trick, but Al devised a plan whereby we spread a large receiving blanket on the bed, and then a long, waterproof mat on top of that. Then we cleaned Levi up, wrapped him loosely in yet another receiving blanket to keep him warm, while still leaving him in a general state of indecency.

Now while this is happening, on the same bed, Satchel and Pablo, who have just been fed, are cuddling up woozily, indicating their awareness of one another with the occasional involuntary poke or desperate sucking of the other’s forehead. Suddenly and shockingly, a spray of golden liquid shot forth from young Levi towards the heavens, an event we expected, but one which all the same held us mesmerized and unable to act. The golden arches, when dispatched thusly (as they are from time to time) are so spectacular in scope, arrive with so little warning (there is no “I’m about to pee” face, as far as I can tell), and are offered with such utter detachment on the part of the offender, that both Al and I tend to completely forget ourselves and just stare in amazement, tracing the arc of the fountain with a slow, admiring tilt of our necks. To be honest, I will every now and then shout scoldingly, “Do Something!” This was not one of those times. 

When the spigot resealed, we surveyed the crime scene. The bed seemed fine. Levi was unscathed. Neither Alex nor I had gotten caught in the crosshairs. But Pablo, poor Pablo, who half-smiled meekly all the same, was splattered with urine on his cheeks, above his eyes, around his mouth. And Satchel, who was only half awake, had a pool of it in his ear. 

Just another happy moment on the joyful path of triplet parenthood.


January 28, 2009 at 10:33 pm 8 comments

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