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Please try to understand

Mike K says the boys will discuss this in therapy one day...

Mike K says the boys will discuss this in therapy one day...

I did it. I’ve been thinking of doing it and talking about doing, and finally, I just did it. I recorded the boys’ 11:30 feeding last night. Set up my computer, microphones, audio interface. Threw a mic on the changing table, one over the crib. Then, when the diapering was done, I moved the mics to stereo positioning  – something like what you see here – and commenced the feed. I know you think I’m crazy but that’s what I like to do. My plan is to do various things with this recording – parse it, put it into some artsy fartsy electro-acoustic composition that documents this odd period of life – and also just keep it and listen to it sometime later on, remembering the sweetness and the urgency of all their little gasps and grunts and squawks. You can hear 10 seconds of my inauguration night here, complete with some cheap reverb.


Levi update: We met with the surgeon today, and surgery is set for Friday around noon. That is, coincidentally, the due date for all of the boys. He’ll be back in the clink for one night only, so buy your tickets now. Hopefully the syndicate turns him loose the next morning. It is routine surgery, but surgery all the same. Just another day at Hernias ‘r’ Us.


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