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speaking of a lullabies, a commission of sorts

Hi everyone. It occurred to me reading over the comments from my last post that I may not be properly, or at least completely, utilizing this forum. I mean after all, I’m the guy who just had triplets, why do I have to do all the work? Some of my favorite musicians in the world are frequent visitors and commenters at this site. I would LOVE it if YOU would write and perform a lullaby for our boys. Seriously – mine’s just as likely to rile them up as to send them to sleep, and what’s more, three boys deserve more than just one lousy lullaby. 

So here’s my request/challenge/commission for those of you musically oriented folk. 

  • Write a lullaby for the boys (you don’t have to mention them, and if you have kids, you can tell your kids that you wrote it for THEM, ‘k?)
  • The lullaby need not have words or a vocal part (but if that’s what you do it is encouraged)
  • It does need to be new.
  • Perform the lullaby (or have someone else perform it if that’s NOT what you do) on a YouTube video – low tech is FINE!
  • Send me the link

And for this service, what can I offer in payment? Not so much. But I CAN embed your video here, where in addition to reaching a bunch of fine folks, it will become a permanent part of this special little record of the boys’ early days (which will hopefully exist long enough in some form for them to become conscious of it).

So what say you, musicisti? Hook us up and we and our clan will be eternally grateful. Draw inspiration from our funny little photos here – or from your own funny little people. Think of it as paying your way for the joy you sometimes reap from this here site (though of course, no payment is required!)

Will anyone rise to the challenge? Hard to say. I do hope so, though.


January 16, 2009 at 11:12 pm 7 comments

Lullabies r us

Necessity is the mother of invention. Alex and I needed a ritualistic tune to put our boys to sleep – something we could wheel out again and again, and that they would come to understand as the signal for closing time. Never one to wait patiently for things to get done by others, Alex just started singing this tune to the boys a few nights ago. I then took the simple idea and added too many chords and made it impossible to sing, which is what I do, and we worked on the words together. Have a listen (and come on, do we bring it at Sax & Sons or what? Cuteness, lullabies, the occasional poopsegisis…what more could you ask for?)

{p.s. if you actually click on the link and watch at YouTube you have the option to watch in high quality. It doesn’t seem possible to embed the high qual though…)

January 16, 2009 at 7:45 am 15 comments

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