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The boss is getting sprung!

Tummy time!

Tummy time!

 Back on the home front, henchmen 1 and 2 are deep in conference, working out just what sort of greeting they are to offer their previously ailing elder brother when he arrives on the scene tomorrow. Each is intent to show his love in a grand way, lest any ambivalence be read as disloyalty. Neither wants to end up like Fredo.


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quick report from the clink

One of Satch's many views from the clink

One of Satch's many views from the clink

So I’m here in the clink, where ole Satch has been moved to just about every room in the place. He used his wiles to get himself a corner chamber, with a view both of the back bay AND the baseball stadium, but then the heavens unleashed their fury (in the form of a ceiling leak) and the little organizer had to be moved next door. He has now occupied one room in the CCN, and 4 in the NICU, and all the other inmates basically cower in fear as he’s wheeled past, whispering nervously to one another only after they’re certain the boss is out of earshot. His skills as a mover and shaker are not only making life easier for him on the inside, though. There’s now talk that he could be paroled as soon as TOMORROW! Guard your families people, I see a bad moon on the rise.

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