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Levi's last day in an isolette

Levi's last day in an isolette

Satchel's first day in a bassinet

Satchel's first day in a bassinet

Satchel beat Levi by about an hour, but come lunchtime all three little fighters were in bassinets, the clunky, obtrusive isolettes wheeled off towards other, needier corners of the hospital. The boys thrive and thrive. Pablo is 5lbs 2oz, off oxygen, and basically demonstrating that there’s no good reason for him to be locked up much longer. He is nursing AND bottle feeding like a champ, and it’s only the occasional desaturation blips (when his oxygen level falls below the “okay” line) that justifies letting him hang in with his slightly less accomplished brothers. It’s doubtful Pabs has even a full week left in the joint, and one of the more ambitious nurses thinks we’ll stick him in the Vanimal this weekend. 

So, Alex and I stayed the day at the hospital till about 7, changing and feeding and changing and feeding (and, occasionally, grading). Then we ran home, ate a makeshift dinner comprised of foodstuffs donated to our cause by dear friends and relatives, assembled and brought down the trash and recycling, packed our overnight supplies (essentially hummus and toothpaste), and raced out to Target and Babies R Us for some late night shopping ruckus. I bought a few sleepers for preemies and newborns in the boys’ colors at Babies R US (amazing that we could possibly be in need of ANY infant clothing item after the generosity so many friends and relatives have bestowed on us), and Alex grabbed assorted essentials from the sprawling and deliciously discounted aisles of Target. We rendezvoused at the checkout, I swooped in with the aforementioned Vanimal (which is now replete with three infant car seats), grabbed up mama and her parcels, and we careened, Batman-and-Robin like (though who played who I’ll never tell), off to our deluxe apartment in the sky. 

Now we are here, and bracing ourselves. We are exhausted. The place takes its toll somehow, as does getting to it. Tonight is our first great experiment in overnight parenting. We will take shifts (though with all the many tasks that fall on Alex’s shoulders alone, she will play at least a small role in almost every one), feeding and clothing, wiping, cuddling, nursing, soothing, singing, all these many things that will be our lot and our joy for years and years to come. I am eager even as my bones slightly ache, and I know Alex wonders just how she can maintain this miraculous momentum she has harnessed. Speaking for myself, I am still at the stage where each spent-but-unwrapped diaper stands before me like a christmas gift – will it be chocolate, or only beer? I welcome either and even the combination. Changing and wiping and clothing and swaddling still gives me such satisfaction – such pure feeling of accomplishment – that I look forward to each new adventure with childlike expectation. A day with these boys is hanukkah three times over, though the presents don’t always get progressively bigger. I imagine my youthful enthusiasm – which perhaps bespeaks a fascination with the soil I never quite owned as a tot myself, yet one which I may come to appreciate in my spawn – will probably fade in time, likely by the advent of odor, but hopefully not before sunrise. 

I write in Pablo’s room, and he has begun talking. Perhaps he knows what joy awaits him – a night with mom and pop. Hopefully you’ll hear reports on this madness in time.


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