Ice age

December 12, 2008 at 3:55 pm 1 comment

Quick update from the front lines. Today there’s an ice storm – newscasters and hypemasters were forecasting a sequel to the famous ice storm of 1998, which left people without power for 3 weeks (yes, we did wonder once or twice how we would take care of three newly arrived boylets without the juice). School was canceled until 12, which made me sad because I had been elected to perform at the end-of-year party, but also made me happy because it enabled me to join Alex and her mom, Jane, in the cozy confines of Continuing Care. It’s another blissfully boring day up here – oh, except that Pablo is developing a real aptitude at nursing. At 34 weeks gestational age (and let’s face it, inside or out, the boyz are mostly gestating away), the youngster shows signs of being a veritable prodigy. He has also – and Pablito, accept my apologies for this when you’re seven and reading these very words – shown additional skill with a particular nether-regional function, to my scatalogical delight (and his mother’s outright horror. She wonders: is THIS what life with FIVE (counting JJ) boys will be like? Only those who know me absolutely best can understand that my pot of gold at the end of this shimmering rainbow  is eighteen years of potty humor – have I died and gone to heaven? It seems so.)

Anyway the ice storm has been a bit of a bust, although half of the town does seem to be out of power (thankfully not our half. The hospital’s half actually, but they seem to have one grand mother of a generator). I’m off to the semester’s final faculty meeting in a short while, though there may be twenty or twenty-five minutes of kangaroo time for me between now and then. Meanwhile Alex and Jane will mind the fort, watching every twitch, tending every sniffle. At least many of them – the “every” part waits another week or two.

Earlier today I looked back at some of the earliest pictures on this blog, and in my personal iphoto library (a far vaster collection). I am amazed at how much the boys have changed already. They still seem as tiny as ever in the scheme of things, but their faces are rounding into shape, their eyes betray ever deepening wisdom, and of course they are no longer little Michelin men. Some time soon I’ll pop up another photo as evidence. For now, I’m off…


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Bassinet! And now for something completely different…

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  • 1. Mike Kupietz  |  December 12, 2008 at 10:37 pm

    Yeah, I saw this with my sister’s kid… at that age, they’ll virtually grow before your eyes… pictures a couple of days apart will show visible differences. My niece, at just over a year, is well into serious toddler territory… walking around under her own power, playing games & even jokes on us, saying a few words, and clearly understanding a lot of what goes on around her, including verbal instructions like “Go give daddy a hug”. My sister and I looked at pictures from just a year ago and Hope said, “I don’t even remember that baby.”

    It’s amazing, when you think that they enter the world knowing literally nothing, not even aware of the difference between themselves and their environment, and in the space of a year already they have figured out enough to play games with you.

    As to their nursing proclivities, aside from the obvious jokes I don’t even need to make, I’m reminded of a maxim among software user interface designers: “The only completely intuitive Graphical User Interface is the nipple.”


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