Home – and phase 2 begins

November 28, 2008 at 4:34 am 2 comments

Home at last – though nothing is simple. We made it here by evening, and I made a trip back to the hospital to drop off some milk and introduce the boys to aunt Erica – who’s visiting from Colorado. The task before us now is to develop some kind of schedule that enables us to get to the NICU at least several times per day (if for no other reason than to deliver the goods – but of course we’ll want to do as much kangarooing as we can). The boys have had a phenomenal couple of days, and they are currently on the road towards becoming happy and healthy babies. In the euphoria over their good report cards these past days, though, Alex and I have to remember that they are not out of the woods yet. Their bodies are still tiny and immature, and they haven’t fully developed many of the survival reflexes full-term babies pick up in utero. Most of all, the immaturity of their respiratory systems makes them highly susceptible to a whole host of infectious diseases, including RSV – a sickness that isn’t so threatening to babies who make it past 36 weeks in the womb, but is potentially lethal to babes as wee as ours. Alongside the great moods and general helpfulness and warmth of the NICU nurses, we have to remember that it IS, at the end of the day, an intensive care unit, and that the little people who are housed there for weeks on end are there for very good and very serious reasons. For these reasons we are making the decision to hold off on non-family visits for as long as the boys remain in the NICU (and we have already been limiting and scheduling family visits). You can imagine how painful it is for us to do this – as there’s nothing more we’d like to do than to show off those little fighters to all comers. We’ve received such an outpouring of love in this space (and elsewhere) over the past few days, and it has bolstered our spirits to have everyone here rooting for little Pablo during his strife. It feels almost cruel to withhold these little cuties from the very people we’ll most likely be depending on for support, encouragement and diaper changing for the next long while, but think of it this way – Alex and I waited over five long years to hang out with the little’uns, so y’all can live with three or four or five more weeks.

And it will be, in all likelihood, at least four more weeks. So we’ll adjust to being a two-abode family. The NICU has wonderful recliner/glider chairs, and I imagine Alex and I will spend many an hour – possibly even many a night – sleeping along side our growing and feeding boys. There is wifi, laptops are allowed, and facebook is blocked – an almost ideal grading and working environment for me. We’ll spend as much time as we can with the boys, I’ll learn to change a diaper (or 30…a day), and we’ll continue to get our world ready for the mayhem that awaits us. If Satchmo, Pablito and Leviticus keep trudging forward on their path towards health, we will hopefully be able to one day look back on this little window as a blessing – an opportunity to finish our own gestation as parents.

So incredibly sleepy now – drugged w/ pumpkin pie (no tryptophan for this veggie-boy, though Alex and her mother’s milk are rife with it). 

Thanks fer listening as always. 



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Kangaroo part two NI-CUties

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  • 1. Jim and Mollie  |  November 28, 2008 at 2:35 pm

    Hey Everyone,

    We are sending lots of good thoughts your way. So glad to hear of Pablo’s continued improvement. Just remind youselves that the boys are in the best possible latex-clad hands. We look forward to one day seeing those little Dan faces in person.

    All the best,

    M & J

  • 2. shnootre  |  November 28, 2008 at 3:00 pm

    Thanks you two!

    Dan foreheads and Alex noses, as far as I can tell so far.

    Oh, and…for better or worse…Dan FEET.


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