Mystery (Michelin?) Man

November 27, 2008 at 5:45 am 2 comments

ready to roller blade?

ready to roller blade?

We’re getting to know his brothers, but Pablo still is in a bit of cloud. We rarely see his face (though we can guess pretty well what it looks like), and he’s been getting intermittent morphine which keeps his personality in check, or rather, submerged. Though he still looks like a science experiment, his numbers continue to improve – 2 more clicks down on the ventilator tonight, and there’s even hope he may be extubated tomorrow (get the breathing tube removed). We can’t hold him yet, and he’s not feeding – even through a tube. We want so much to meet this little man, to acquaint ourselves with his rhythms and his attitudes. Each day his brothers establish their personalities a touch more. Satchel, interpretative dancer, all limbs and angularity and oddness, is inquisitive and thoughtful, but also athletic (he almost rolled over by himself the other day, which marks him pretty buff for 31-weeker. Levi likes things just so, and is vocal about letting you know when they aren’t. He uses everyday objects in unconventional ways – he sucks on the rim of the passifier rather than its nipple (let’s hope he’s less unique when it comes to his approach to mama). And he’s a total mama’s boy. One touch from the artist and his sobs melt away, his breathing stabilizes, and he greedily embraces sleep.

Tomorrow we are discharged from the hospital – it’s homecoming. But it really means we’ll be more or less moving into the NICU I think. They have wonderfully plush glider chairs in each of the rooms, so we have three between us, and if anything this means we’ll be spending more, not less, time with our boys. Here’s hoping for another great night for Pablo and his brothers, and soon a chance to find out who in the world Pabs might be.


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Better than a cat! (w/ apologies to JJ) This update’s for YOU, Turkey!

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  • 1. Stefan  |  November 27, 2008 at 1:00 pm

    love reading your blog!! my nieces are here, and like the babies’ names, espcially pablo because it’s from “Backyardigans” on Nick Jr. how cool that you are already finding their personalities.

    happy thanksgiving to all 5 of you! go eat some tofurky

  • 2. Stefan  |  November 27, 2008 at 1:34 pm

    PS – The nieces are also very impressed that the lady who just had identical triplets is also the same lady who made my famous caged turtle. Polly says that I have 4 in my house: me, moosh my cat, pepe my pet shrimp, and my turtle.


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