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November 21, 2008 at 8:12 pm 4 comments

I know I know – everybody and his brother has an identical triplet blog with colored animal art at the top, but what we really need is content, eh? I mean there we are saying that this is not your standard identical triplet blog, and yet you’ve probably read three just like it since your last sip of coffee. 

We’ll try to differentiate ourselves in this space – which is actually the reason some friends of ours think we’re having triplets in the first place. Just-HAD-to-be-different-didn’t-you sort of thing. Anyway, you’ll want to read our blog real carefully, so when the doctor tells YOU that identical triplets are on the way, you’ll know just what to do. (You might think: if the odds of doing this and winning the lottery are about even, oughtn’t I have chosen the latter option?) In some future post I’ll describe to you the single thought that goes through your mind (and then zings down your spine, up your neck, and out your mouth four letters strong). For now, though, an update. 

Reversal of blood flow = reversal of fortune. It’s those spinning little balls of fury, babies A, B, and C, whirling around in the magic celestial pee we call amniotic fluid, working up blood that flows right out their cords into the placenta at three spots. The placenta is the all-enveloping, nurturing super-organ that giveth life and sustenance. It is spock’s brain and Hal 9000 and Mother Theresa, just a seriously hip slab of matter. (Those of us who like living on the edge roll with only one placenta, though in some cases each babe snags a single). Anyway, as I understand it, blood flows from the babies into the placenta, which is receptive, pliant, resilient, and ready. It’s just waiting there to take the blood in and whirlpool it around and then…I think send it back? It does something good and sustainable with it – it’s not just trashed, I swear. But one part of our particular placenta has become less pliant and willing to receive, the works are ever so slightly gunked up, so that blood flow from baby B whooshes out of the poor hapless wiggler but meets some resistance at central command. Occasionally – and this is bad – some of it is even getting pushed back out towards its source. That’s the “reversal of flow” that landed us in the hospital. 

The good news is that it’s only intermittent right now. Alex’s 24 hours of hospital type bed rest may actually be making things better, since yesterday the issue looked more serious, and delivery seemed to be imminent. The docs gave her a couple of steroid shots so that should the babies need to be scooped up their lungs will be that much more ready to function. Now we’re gonna play wait and see. We’ll take it day to day, and hope for stabilization, or even improvement (signs are good so far). The head doc thinks we may be able to squeeze another week in, or maybe even two. All in the hospital of course, but did I mention there’s a dvd player?

To give you a sense of what a week might mean, in the last two weeks, Baby A has grown from 3lbs 3 oz., to 4lbs 5 oz., a net gain of 18 oz., or more than an ounce a day. His brothers are smaller (3 lbs 14 oz. for baby B, and 3 lbs 7 oz., for baby C) but making similar strides. So we’re gonna ride the wave towards week 32, balancing out the fear and elation with daily ultrasounds and milkshakes. 

Okay – break time’s over. This is papa smurf signing out for the second time in one day. Don’t imagine it’s always gonna be like this, okay? 



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  • 1. Tonya  |  November 21, 2008 at 8:55 pm

    I think you have it better in the shiny new hospital than we do here at home. There is no flat screen tv and there are certainly no milkshakes. What do I have to do to get a milkshake around here anyway?
    We’re thinking of you and love that you have this blog so we can keep up with every detail. We’ll see you all very soon.

  • 2. Rachel Moog  |  November 22, 2008 at 12:19 am

    Dan and Alex,

    Thanks for the news. Very excited to see that you have a blog to follow the progress can’t wait for more news!

    All my love to Alex in bed.



  • 3. shnootre  |  November 22, 2008 at 10:44 am

    Great to hear from you Toni and Rachel. It’s funny that in each of this blog’s 2 days of existence it’s gotten more hits than my dear old arghablog ever did on a single day. I suppose it’s good to actually have a topic!

    Rachel – been ages! We miss you and are super-happy to hear from you. There will be a whole gaggle of us when next we meet, which should be something…

    Toni – you’re almost at the finish line! Hang in there!


  • 4. Mike  |  November 22, 2008 at 12:44 pm

    Glad you set this up… hanging on every word. I’m so excited for you guys. It was good talking to you yesterday & hear you sounding so good during what has got to be a stressful time.

    Can’t wait to watch things develop!


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